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Aktif Çare Devices resort sec. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine was established in 1998 and health services in the field of investments, the most technologically advanced devices (Linear Accelerator, Spect Gamma Camera, CT Simulator) continues to operate. Various regions of the country in this area, including the public service procurement auctions and private investments magnifies the center.
The goal of this investment in our health, in our country and around the world who will see patients being treated for cancer, or go to the feet of this service to provide access to each region and to reduce the problems of these patients.
As a pioneer in the field of investments in our country, and our name needed to keep track of all the innovations and developments in the academic desire to consolidate the sector.
"People object to a good state such as N, To Be A Breath Issues such as the State Homeland."
Kanuni Sultan Süleyman