How to Plan Your doctor Treatment?
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The first step in the planning CT-simulation of radiation therapy. CT scan generally takes less than 5 minutes and is completely painless. During the treatment you need to make an appointment, etc. This mask. such as (immobilization), fixing materials are produced. These devices, and each radiotherapy session, the patient during CT-simulation and remain constant used to ensure the correct position.
Prior to the next treatment, radiation oncologists, medical physicists and radiation experts by using the information obtained as a result of treatment CT scan parameters to form a treatment plan including. Radiotherapy technician performs the sessions, using this plan.
CT scanning device used in advanced treatment planning system, the radiation oncologist to determine accurately the tumor and the surrounding healthy tissue and provides the opportunity to see. This approach to determine the most appropriate treatment and makes it possible to implement a more accurate way.
Radiotherapy for many types of cancer generally, or 5 days a week for 7 weeks to 6 is applied. Total radiation dose and the treatment you receive your session, tumor size, type, instead of the general health situation and vary depending on where you are to other medical treatments.