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There are two methods of radiation therapy: external or internal. Some patients in both treatment than are executed sequentially.
Many patients are treated with radiotherapy, external radiotherapy against cancer. This type of treatment is usually applied to hospitals and medical centers, outpatient and ambulatory. External radiotherapy device, high-energy rays towards healthy tissue surrounding the cancerous region and applies this region.
External radiotherapy, the most widely used device "linear accelerator" is called. Varian TrueBeam STX device used throughout the world in this regard is the fastest, most effective and least damaging healthy tissue is considered to be one of the devices.
Real-time imaging, patient positioning, motion and light using a combination of management and dosing operations match, allowing the beam to the target, maintains the highest level of healthy tissue around the target.
Reduces treatment time by moving around the tumor in a few minutes. This period is much longer than the classical methods.
All types of radiation in the body of the impact is effective in treating the tumor.
Internal radiation therapy, the radiation source is placed directly in the region of the tumor or target tissue. This method of radiation therapy, "Brachytherapy" is called.
Brachytherapy, gynecological, lung, stomach, esophagus, breast, and prostate of different organs, such as used to treat many different types of cancer. High-dose-rate brachytherapy,'' center'' post-loading technique is applied to the treatment of gynecological tumors. Three-dimensional planning performed using treatment planning CT and MR, so that the target can be protected more properly determining the normal tissues.
High Dose Rate (YDH) Brachytherapy: Radiation oncologist suggested by the dose of radiation into the body by means of an applicator is placed in close proximity to the tumor. These treatments sessions painless and takes about 5 to 15 minutes.
Brachytherapy radiation oncologist is usually spread by the time planned to be carried out with a series of sessions. This method is a higher dose of radiation directly to the tumor without harming healthy tissue around it gives you the opportunity to practice.
A doctor who treats cancer with radiation - radiation oncologist - illness recommends that the appropriate type and dose of treatment. Carried out by a team that specializes in treatment.
This team usually:
Medical Physics Expert,
Radiotherapy Technician,
Radiotherapy is Nurse.
Your health care team will help you when you need experts in other disciplines.