Necessary During Radiotherapy
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1-Patients on them primarily in the apparel, jewelry, etc. should remove accessories. In some cases, the patient giydirilebilir gowns.
2-treatment to achieve maximum efficiency sedyesine the device correctly, the patient should go to bed. Does not move as much as possible is necessary. Patients should ask the officer any questions attached to their heads.
3-radiotherapy, chemotherapy before various simulation devices and thereby determine the position of incidence of radiation is determined directive.
4-radiotherapy is more than one session. For this reason, treatment of the patient's body in order to determine the point marked with small spots or tattoos done.
5-patient unit to accurately sedyesindeki position is important in terms of treatment. The patient wanted to be comfortable and breathe in a normal way of giving. The patient was also talk with the therapist during treatment if desired.
6-treatment lasts from 5 to 15 minutes. The beam is invisible, and the patient does not feel anything during the treatment.
7-At the end of the session the therapist help the patient get up off the cart 7-treatment. Many patients can continue their daily lives after the session.
* External radiation therapy is usually done in hospitals and health centers. Although it varies according to the disease, radiation therapy is usually given 5 days a week for several weeks. During or after the treatment the patient is not radioactive.
* Internal radiotherapy is usually 1-2 days in the hospital, the patient kalır.Implant be temporary or permanent. The hospitalization of the patient in the maximum radiation level is minimal and therefore not suitable for meeting relatives. When the radioactivity is eliminated from the body of the implant