Post Treatment Follow-up (follow-up)
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At the end of Radyoterapinizin your doctor will examine you. Acute (early) side effects after the end of a period of 1-2 months is expected to give an appointment to see you. A number of treatments, tests, according to the control, you may want to bring. And radiotherapy for treating undertaken if considered necessary by the sender or the other then you need to take your doctors if you have a treatment specialist on branşla send it.
"Oncologic follow-up" What is?
After the end of radiotherapy treatment sessions at regular intervals to check the results of the treatment your doctor is required. These controls are the side effects of radiation therapy to be able to follow and to see if the recurrence of the disease is required. During these checks, your doctor will examine, may order lab tests and imaging. Radiation oncologist oncology follow-up call for you after the end of treatment and follow-up treatment program with other doktorlarınızla plan.
Follow-up intervals vary for some patients, but is usually the first 2 years, 3 months, 6 months and 2-5 years after 5 years is one year.
Part of the treatment program, ongoing follow-up of cancer treatment, rehabilitation and counseling services can be found. After radiotherapy is extremely important to pay attention to your health