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Side Effects Is It For Everyone?
Vary from one patient to the side effects of radiotherapy. Have considered mild side effects during treatment, as is also possible to feel side effects.
The most common side effects of the radiotherapy, fatigue and skin changes. These side effects may appear on the body in the treatment of all kinds of tumor. Other side effects may vary according to your body, which has been treated of. For example, radiation therapy to the head section can cause temporary or permanent hair loss. Treatment of stomach, intestines, or on the part of the mouth may decrease the appetite.
However, the side effects are transient. There are several ways to reduce the discomfort in the meantime.
Side Effects Does It Affect your activities?
Life does not have to affect the way you live your life and side effects. This usually depends on the severity of side effects. Many patients continue to work during treatment, continue to cook and hobbies. In some cases, your doctor may ask that you refrain from behaviors that will irritate the treated area.
What causes fatigue?
Tired and feel energized, ie, fatigue, the most common side effect is stated by the majority of cancer patients. The exact cause of this is not always clear. Decrease in the number of blood cells, insomnia, pain, loss of appetite or fatigue may occur.
After the first few weeks of radiotherapy, many people begin to feel tired. Consumes large amounts of energy to heal the body during radiation therapy. Disease and radiation therapy, and radiation-to-day trips because of its impact on healthy cells as well feel tired. Bitkinliğiniz and fatigue will disappear gradually after the end of treatment.
Reduce physical activity when you feel tired, take rest and free time. Sometimes fatigue over you to take light exercise such as walking can help.
If you want to maintain a full-time paid work the same tempo, but allow some patients to use during radiation therapy, or choose to reduce working hours. In both cases, a family member of your daily affairs is recommended to request support.
Have to look at how your skin?
Rarely, redness, or irritation of the treated area may be burned or tanned skin can take an image. A few weeks after initiation of therapy may become very dry skin. Against the itching and the pain will help your doctor may want additional treatment.
In some rare skin radiotherapy applications may be degraded as a whole. This situation typically occurs in areas of skin folds.
Show extra care during radiation therapy, treated skin area must comply and precision. Recommended that the following recommendations be followed in this regard:
1-Avoid irritating the area exposed to the beam.
2-This is the area with warm water and a mild soap wash only, rub drying.
3-Avoid touching your clothes tight 3-this area.
4-This is the area do not rub, scratch, keselemeyin.
5-This region Avoid hot or cold compress.
6-Your doctor or nurse will be 6-cause irritation Learn about skin care and cleaning products. During a few weeks after treatment and are not approved by your doctor or nurse powder, cream, deodorant, perfume, body oils, lotions, ointments or creams produced at home, and so on. Do not use the.
7-Your doctor or nurse is accepted by the session, even in this area of ​​the skin for at least two hours after treatment cream, and so on. Do not.
Avoid direct sunlight in this area as long as treatment is continued 8-. You must be very careful if you are staying more than a few minutes in the sun. In this case, shut region of treated clothing (long-sleeved shirt or a hat, wide edge) dressed. Need protection from the sun for a while after the end of treatment. This is the amount of time you can consult your doctor or nurse.
What can be done about Hair Loss?
Radiotherapy can cause loss of hair and feathers, but this occurs only in the area exposed to the beam. For example, if your treatment is done in an area of ​​buttocks hair shed. Radiotherapy is applied to the head and neck region may experience hair loss. After several treatments, the patient's hair starts to grow again.
The beam you back your hair bounce rate may vary depending on the type and dose. Texture and color may be slightly different than before when your hair again, this is considered normal. Other than radiotherapy cancer treatment methods, such as the hair at the same time re-emergence of the chemotherapy may be affected.
If you prefer to use a hairpiece or wig liner, do not allow scalp irritation.
Radiotherapy Blood Levels How Does It Work?
Radiotherapy white blood cell (WBC) and platelet counts in the fall may cause. This is your body's blood cells to fight infections and allows your blood to clot. If the bone marrow is concentrated ışınlanıyorsa a large area of ​​red blood cells (RBC) count may be affected by the treatment.
Treatment Food your shape changes?
In some cases, radiation therapy can cause loss of appetite and eating habits may be affected. Digesting the food you eat can be a problem, however, adequate nutrition must take care to ensure that the renewal of damaged textures. In some regions, ranging from half a kilo a week during irradiation of a weight loss experience. In these cases, treatment can be followed up during the weight scale to ensure that your control.
If there is difficulty in chewing or swallowing can use powder or liquid nutritional supplements.
You can enhance your appetite by following the following list:
1-Meal time, though hungry eat here.
2-Two-three times a day over eating large portions of food, try to eat smaller portions more often.
3-space, make sure you eat a light meal patterns lively and colorful lighting and music preference.
4-Nutrition to change and try new recipes. Invite family members and friends while eating, you can enjoy the television or radio.
5-appetite simple meals in the freezer ready to be ready.
6-appetite for snacks healthy snacks available.
Radiation Affect Mental status?
All patients being treated for cancer treatments at different times during the experience emotionally difficult times. Anxiety, depression, fear, anger, is normal to feel alone and helpless. Dengenizdeki fatigue and hormonal changes caused by radiotherapy, but the treatment itself can affect mood and emotions directly affect.
Close friends, family members, or to speak to a psychologist may help you to feel you. In addition, the ones you feel comfortable participating in support groups also may help you to talk to people with similar problems.
What Are the Side Effects of radiotherapy in head and neck?
In some patients receiving head and neck radiation therapy in the mouth area of ​​redness, irritation and sores can be dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, dry mouth and nausea change in taste may occur. Do not let these symptoms interfere with your diet.
Other problems that can be seen in the head and neck treatments decreased sense of taste and ear pain. In addition, a lump in the neck and jowl sagging may occur, and in this area until the skin tissue prior to treatment may vary and may be unable to shut up. In such a case the jaw exercises recommended.
If you receive radiotherapy in head and neck region, teeth and gums, mouth and throat care, and extra care should be exercised.
Be careful not to them in order to cope with the problems of the mouth:
1-Spices, raw vegetables, dry crackers and Avoid hard foods such as nuts.
2-acidic food and drinks could cause irritation to your mouth.
3-Drink and smoke or chew tobacco.
4-Stay away from sugary snacks would lead to 4-tooth decay.
5-doctor's or dentist's proposed method to clear your mouth and your teeth frequently.
6-Use a mouthwash that does not contain alcohol. Alcohol content can be found in many mouthwash sold in the market. Alcohol dries the tissues in your mouth.
Oral Care
Teeth treated with radiotherapy in head and neck cancers increases the likelihood of decay. Mouth problems are an important part of your treatment routine preventative maintenance. As long as radiotherapy by your dentist will want to see you more often.
Do not forget to follow your doctor's advice, as well as teeth following proposals:
1-teeth and gums with a soft brush at least 4 times a day (after meals and at bedtime) brush.
2-Use 2-abrasive toothpaste does not contain fluoride.
3-If you were using dental floss 3-sick before, waxed dental floss once a day use.
4-teeth after brushing your mouth rinse gently with a solution of salt and baking soda. Solution of a large glass of warm water with half a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon carbonate can be prepared. This mixture then rinse your mouth with clean water again.
Dealing with Mouth and Throat Problems
The second or third week of radiotherapy may be a burning sensation in your mouth and throat. About a month after the end of treatment corrects this situation. To be a feeling of dryness in your mouth may have difficulty swallowing. Your doctor or dentist may suggest you products against sıkıntılarınıza. If you are using dentures, may not fit like they used to.
Radiotherapy to this region because of the salivary glands work very well, so you can feel more dry mouth. Unfortunately, a feeling of dryness in your mouth may continue after the end of treatment. A number of drugs are available to reduce this side effect. Drink cool drinks throughout the day can help.
Nutrition should be aware of?
Paying attention to the following points can make food for dinner more enjoyable:
1-Choose foods that are easy to eat and taste like.
2-Try changing the viscosity of 2-Meals, sauces so that they are softer.
3-Very spicy foods and avoid foods such as biscuits dry vesert.
4-Eat small, frequent meals.
5-meal, smaller, bite-size pieces divide.
6-Consult your doctor about medications that 6-throat pain, reduce the liquid. These drugs will make it easier to eat food.
7-Consult your doctor about the 7-liquid nutritional supplements. In this way, lose weight and get enough calories.
8-being treated for lung cancer, saliva and phlegm should get plenty of fluids to keep the structure of the fine.
9-The familiar is no longer like the taste of food does not go, try new foods, cooking use different yönlemler.
What Happens When You Like Side Effects of Breast Radiotherapy?
The radiation to the chest may cause some changes. For example, swallowing become difficult, and has begun to feel the pain, cough, and fever can begin. You can see the quantity and color of phlegm when you cough is different. Your breath is often caused by a narrowing of one of the situations. If you're showing any of these symptoms should notify your treatment team.
What Are the Side Effects of Radiotherapy Against Breast Cancer?
The most usual side effects of radiotherapy against breast cancer fatigue and skin changes. Lever actions are limited cases, the doctor and the nurse can ask about exercises you can do to move your arm relaxed. Other side effects include soreness and skin blushing the color of the darkening of the tip of your chest or chest. Most of the side effects other than darkening of the skin lost between 4 to 6 weeks, your skin may take 6 months to return to the old colors.
What are the effects of the stomach and abdominal radiotherapy?
A region of the stomach or abdomen are getting radiation therapy, abdominal pain, nausea, or diarrhea may experience problems. Your doctor may recommend various remedies to deal with these problems.
What You Should When nauseous?
Stomach or abdominal radiotherapy received your area normal to feel nausea for a few hours following your session.
If you feel nausea or abdominal pain just before the treatment session treatment of this condition may be related to a psychological condition caused by anxiety. In such cases treatment session before the grissini or snack crackers.
Apply the following suggestions to avoid stomach complaints:
1-Your doctor, nurse or dietician stick to the diet program.
2-Eat small meals.
3-Lokmalarınızı chew your food thoroughly and eat slowly. To slow drinks in the same way.
4-fat-fried or high-fat foods to avoid.
5-for cold drinks between meals.
6-Avoid foods with 6-heavy taste. Mild-flavored food preference.
7-Severe nausea and vomiting in case of liquid foods that are easy to digest foods and non-sharp taste preference.
When you are diarrhea, What should you do?
Diarrhea during radiotherapy sessions from abdominal and pelvic region. When you start therapy, low-fiber (bagasse less) by consuming foods, raw fruits and vegetables, beans, cabbage, and diarrhea can be avoided by staying away from whole-grain bread. The following recommendations can fit:
1-Increase fluid intake to feel the diarrhea starts or is about to begin (water, weak tea, apple juice, broth).
2-rated high in fiber, such as raw fruits and vegetables can cause gas or cramps foods, caffeinated beverages, beans, whole-grain breads, desserts, and stay away from spicy foods.
3-Eat small meals frequently, and 3-.
4-Try to consume milk and dairy products affects the digestive system, or use lactose-free dairy products.
5-For two weeks after ending 5-Radyoterapinizi fat and low in fiber, lactose-free diet regime to resume. Other nutrients nutrition routine can get back slowly. Rice, bananas, boiled potatoes, low-fat foods such as cottage cheese can begin.
6-Lost during the 6-Diarrhea is a very important mineral potassium-rich foods (bananas, potatoes, apricots) Be careful not to consume.
What Are the Side Effects of District received pelvic radiotherapy?
If you receive pelvic radiotherapy previously mentioned region is likely to experience some digestive problems. Irritation of the urinary tract, as well as feel. In this case, take plenty of fluids reduces discomfort. Stay away from caffeinated and carbonated beverages.
Effects of radiation therapy in which the area of ​​sexual and reproductive organs and bodies concerned with radiation exposure to radiation. Radiation dose, depending on the region of the pelvis than women receiving radiation therapy cuts and vaginal itching, dryness and menopause-like symptoms such as burning may occur.
Effects of radiotherapy fertility
Children of making a woman aged birth control and fertility issues should talk to your doctor. Certainly must not become pregnant during radiotherapy because irradiation to the fetus, especially during the first 3 months of damage.
Sexual intercourse
A lot of type of radiotherapy, nor men, nor women to enjoy sexual life situations change this does not happen. However, the two sexes may experience reduced levels of demand. At the end of the treatment the level of sexual desire in some women receiving radiotherapy re-treatment patients to previous levels yükselecektir.Pelvik region should not take sexual intercourse during treatment is recommended.