What Are the Side Effects of the treatment?
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External radiation do not result in radioactive vücuduzun. Therefore, you avoid during your treatment you do not need other people to be in the same environment.
Most of the side effects of radiation therapy, will occur on the treated area. Many patients seen almost no side effects. Doctor and nurse you will provide information on the possible side effects and what to do.
Although the side effects of radiotherapy, although pleasant, usually does not present a serious and usually can be controlled with medication and diet changes.
Radiation therapy can reduce the number of different blood cells. In some cases, depending on the area being treated, your blood, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelet count ölçtürmek will need to be a routine blood count.
What can you do to look after yourself during therapy?
Each patient's body respond differently to radiotherapy.
Radiotherapy in almost every patient who, for their own health, they take extra care to provide protection and treatment should show additional benefit.
Some general rules to keep in mind are as follows:
1-All kinds of drug use, and if your doctor before starting treatment with allergies informed.
2-Good nutrition is very important.
3-Vitamin supplements and herbal products, consult your physician before using.
4-Treated with 4-body garments in sıkmamasına you care.
5-Be kind to the skin of the treated area.